Monday, September 21, 2009

This is another that is absolutely hilarious! I have had a massive issue with the whole "change" b.s. that is being fed to us by our leaders. The only things that have changed are the crooks and liars that have been appointed to office. I feel that this propaganda piece uses a few different techniques to convey its message. First, it uses the plain folks technique by explaining a highly complex and serious issue by illustration. Most people that are illiterate, will still understand and acknowledge the the characters and the overall intention of the message. This could also be a pinpointing the enemy technique used by the Republicans, since most conservatives feel that nothing has been achieved while Barack and Hillary have been in office.

Gotta take your Prozac!

This clever little piece had me in stitches! I've seen the original propaganda ad that was run by the Germans during WWII, it a spoof on the "Ride with Hitler" ad. Even though this isn't a true ad for Prozac, it definitely uses the testimonial technique. It implies that you need t take your Prozac in oder to be "normal". The piece also uses the assertion technique because it is trying to take a serious issue and turn it into a light-hearted issue. Even if it isn't factual that prozac won't make you psychotic, they have displayed it in the manner that it will fix those pesky voices in your head!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She may be.... DUURRRTTTYYYY

This little piece absolutely had me cracking up. Now, I know std's are no laughing matter but one really has to laugh about the way social and political propaganda posters were put together in the earlier parts of last century. The techniques that are being used in this poster are obviously appeal to fear and sexuality, but i feel it also has implications of simplification. It is basically saying if you hang around women who dress in a certain manner or wear thick lipstick and make-up... YOU WILL GET THE CLAP!! Looking further into the poster, I am wondering if the poster was used to warn our soldiers about the dangers of French women and their propensity for being loose during WWII. It is extremely apparent that this poster was to scare all males from 18 to 40. So, to all the guys out there... don't take home the chick in the beret, smoking a lucky strike. She's been tainted!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st propaganda art piece

I really like how this piece was put together. The artists' piece reminds me of the comic book stills that are in movies like Kill Bill I & II, Tank Girl and others. Obviously, the piece's main style of propaganda devotes itself to the appeal of emotion and fear. It is showing a innocent little boy awaiting the Israeli helicopters, gunships and bombers. The name also evokes a great sense of anger considering that the Palestinian people have been denied their own space to call home and have been abused and degraded for over a century. I know that there are two sides to every conflict, but the blatant misuse of power by the Israeil's during that week was horrendous. When I look at this piece, I can vividly remember the news reports of illegal white phosphorous being dropped and all the innocent civilians that were killed without any regard for human life.